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Parallel Processing and Bootstrapping

Parallel Processing and Bootstrapping

Introduction Often times, I run simulations on my computer to help educate my students about different statistical topics. In doing this, I often end up running fairly “long” simulations that take up more time than what I’d like to use in the classrooms. Complaining about this let me to Googling, which, as usual, let me to a solution. Posted below is an example of what I learned with an accompanying ShinyApp which helps me explain bootstrapping to my students.

2018 Mathlete Fantasy Football Analysis

Introduction In my previous post, I worked through how to get your league information from the ESPN and YAHOO APIs. The motivation for this project was to compare two leagues performances over the 2018 fantasy football season. As the ring leader of the West Point Department of Mathematical Sciences fantasy football league, we had 20 managers. This, of course, is too many for one league so we split the teams across two leagues.

2018 NY R Conference Presentation

Was honored to speak at this years 2018 New York R Conference hosted by Lander Analytics and Work-Bench. Jared Lander sure knows how to host a good party, I mean, conference. My Slides are available, and you can contact me at Here is the youtube link to the video: Oh, and I got to go for a little run before the conference!

Blog Introduction

As my experience with statistics, computer science, and the all encompasing term, data science, increases, I have decided that it is time to share some of my projects. Creating this blog serves several purposes. It archives some projects I’ve created. It makes my work public so I can receive (hopefully) constructive feedback to improve my tools/analysis. It helps me share what I’ve learned with the community that has been so helpful to me.